Real Weddings: Cath & Kev (Whistler) Part II

Last month, you had a glimpse into Cath & Kev’s Whistler wedding which was filled with love, food and more love. Today, we’re going to talk details which have been so softly portrayed by up-and-coming wedding photographer, Jada Poon. By details, I mean the small touches that reflect who they are as a couple; one they can call their own. No pressure from family and together with Bliss Event, they created a vision of a wedding surrounded by nature and set in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, especially because they both love the outdoors. It all started with their invitations; a pop-up card with an image of Cedarstone, the private home where they exchanged vows¬†and let’s not forget, the grizzly bear (According to the Estate Manager, there were sightings of them a couple of days before the big day. Not sure how well it would’ve gone down if they turned up as one of the wedding guests.). A website was also built to let guests in on updates and information about their nuptials.


Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 1

As a token of thanks and appreciation for those closest to her, Cath had the bridal party names (including the Mums) embroidered onto bathrobes by DIY Embroidery Shop in Hong Kong. If you’re also thinking of getting some embroidery work done, you may need to enlist the help of a Chinese speaking friend to help you communicating with the shop staff.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 10

Having grown up listening to classical music and being a concert pianist himself, it was important to Kev that there was a string quartet. It was truly, music in the woods.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 3

Letting guests help themselves to refreshments created a less stuffy atmosphere. And just like how ‘love is sweet’, Cath & Kev are ‘sweet like love’.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 2

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 8

Birdcages were hung on trees, giving off a romantic and rustic vibe whilst fresh garden flowers were predominantly used to be in line with nature. As a scrapbook fan, Cath wanted guests to write messages and pieces of advice to them in a way that she would read over and over again.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 7

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 6

Since British Colombia is the largest Canadian producer of highbush blueberries (thanks Wiki!), it only made sense to make use of the natural produce. Bowls of blueberries were scattered over the long wooden tables for guests to nibble on, juicy fruit pies were served and fresh fruit adorned the square wedding cake.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 4

¬†Everyone wore custom aprons (which coupled as favours) that were thoughtfully prepared by the couple so they wouldn’t get themselves in a mess pigging out on the family-style dinner. The aprons were printed at Ka Chun Professional Printing Workshop in Hong Kong.

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 9

Cath&Kev (Jada Poon Photography) 5
Photo credits: Jada Poon Photography

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